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The second annual CIJE VEX Robotics competition was held outside of HAFTR Middle School on Friday, January 15. Over 40 students from eight different cohorts competed, successfully navigating COVID guidelines to complete a game-ready robot. This year’s challenge required students to maneuver risers into predetermined patterns, and students did a marvelous job.

HALB Seventh Grade girls in Mrs. Chubak’s Stock Market Club are making profitable investments and are leading the way in the statewide stock market competition. They are currently number one in the region!

Social skills is not just a single period during the week at IVDU Long Island, but skills that are incorporated throughout the day on an ongoing basis. Our students are constantly using what they are taught during their social skills lessons led by our clinical team, and applying those skills in every interaction.

What better way for children to develop math, science, literacy, and fine motor skills than through exploring Winter! The children at HALB’s Lev Chana have been immersed in a multi-sensory exploration of winter, the season they are experiencing right now. At Lev Chana we know that children learn best through hands-on activities and by being given many opportunities to explore a topic.