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Just before students and staff from the Yeshiva of Central Queens headed off for a much-needed school break, the eighth-grade SET³ STEM Club participated in a spaghetti bridge-building competition. Each student received a kit complete with spaghetti and glue guns, in order to build his/her bridge. The goal was to design and build a structure that would hold the maximum amount of weight applied. Students first explored the field of engineering, discussing Civil engineers, who are responsible for design and construction, and mechanical engineers, who focus on building the most stable structures. Usually the students work in teams to discuss options; this year, the lessons were on Zoom, with the students each building his/her own bridge, then meeting for the competition. All the bridges held a good deal of weight with many holding the maximum weight of over 20 lbs.

Since the beginning of the school year, a dedicated cohort of learners went above and beyond as part of Rambam’s prestigious Masmidim Extra Learning Program. Under the leadership of Rabbi Avrum Haar, the talmidim Zoomed in every week to spend their free time in extra night seder and lunch learning.

On Tuesday, February 9, the ninth grade of Shevach High School was treated to a very special T’hilim siyum. This event was the culmination of a voluntary initiative spearheaded a couple of months ago by their Bei’ur T’filah teacher, Mrs. Beanah Greenberg.

MTA celebrated #SharsheretPinkDay2021 on Wednesday, February 10, and raised awareness about Sharsheret’s important programs and services for Jewish women and families facing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. MTA’s Pink Day Committee, spearheaded by Director of Guidance Mrs. Tamar Sheffey, visited each shiur throughout the morning (even those on Zoom!) to introduce Sharsheret’s programs and give out sweet pink treats.