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On Friday, the seventh-grade girls had the exciting opportunity of going to the WH ECC to run the Purim Carnival. The seventh-grade girls were randomly selected to run carnival booths. The booths consisted of face-painting, building blocks, sand surprise, matching games, and pin the crown on Queen Esther.

Students at SINAI@YCQ got into the Purim spirit this year, joining Yeshiva of Central Queens students at their annual carnival. Junior high boys did their own holiday event planning: holding a carnival for their fellow SINAI elementary school students!

HALB’s 67th Annual Dinner was a night to remember! Hundreds of parents, teachers, and friends from all four divisions of HALB (DRS, SKA, HALB Elementary, and Lev Chana) came out to “Celebrate the Legacy” of the HALB family. Mazal tov to Guest of Honor and longtime Executive Director, Richie Hagler, Rabbi Dr. Armin H. Friedman Educator of the Year, Rabbi Elly Storch, and Parents of the Year Tanya & Amitai Dagan.

The fifth grade at Be’er Hagolah Institutes was busy learning all the 39 M’lachos of Shabbos. Morah Gelbfish brought the curriculum alive by bringing to school a life-size loom for the girls to get the real hands-on experience and practical understanding of the laws.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine nears its fourth week, Yeshiva University (YU) sent undergraduate students to Vienna to participate in a Ukrainian refugee relief mission. The trip, March 13-20, was led by Vice Provost of Values and Leadership and Sacks-Herenstein Center Director Erica Brown and Mashgiach Ruchani Rabbi Josh Blass. The 27 New York-based undergraduate students are supporting the hundreds of Ukrainian refugees relocated there, with educational activities for children, donations, supplies, and the coordination of housing. Yeshiva of Central Queens students made personalized Purim cards for the Jewish Ukrainian children, and the YCQ Board of Trustees (BOT) and Parent Teachers Organization (PTO) worked overnight to secure $4,000 worth of Purim crafts for the YU mission. partnered with YCQ, discounted the cost, and donating several hundred dollars’ worth of supplies to the worthy cause.

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