Colors: Blue Color

This past week, Central’s Model UN Team participated in Yeshiva University’s 32nd annual National Model UN Conference. Model UN provides a forum in which students can actively learn about international diplomacy by serving as “delegates” to real UN member nations.

Bnos Malka Middle School broke out Color War this week! The teams were Melech vs. Malka (blue vs. purple), and the excitement and achdus were palpable. Teams worked together to create a skit, banner, theme song, stomp performance, badge, cheer, and costume.

Hadar Bet Yaakov is enmeshed in play rehearsals! Mrs. Shaindel Antelis, famous singer-songwriter in the Jewish music world, joined hands with Hadar Bet Yaakov as both writer and director for their springtime production of The Hidden Miracle.

HALB students and staff celebrated Purim together, both in and out of school! Students visited their teachers on Purim Day and then spent Shushan Purim enjoying the school carnival together.

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