Sponsoring meals for New York’s Finest is nothing new for the organizations, groups, and leaders of Queens Jewry. It is always a commendable effort, especially for those who stand up to join in the financial costs. This year, several holiday initiatives were launched by Queens Borough Safety Patrol-Shmira to show allegiance and appreciation to the local NYPD precincts for whom they act as eyes and ears throughout the year. These meals help solidify the bonds created with the officers and the higher brass, and they were organized to ensure that the officers are remembered on a day they would much rather spend celebrating alongside family and friends.

The Queens and Great Neck communities are privileged to have a plethora of organizations aimed at providing vital resources and services to the Jewish neighborhoods in their midst. I have the honor of being a volunteer in some of these communal institutions, but none compare to the self-sacrifice of the Hatzolah of Queens and Great Neck volunteers. Honestly, the volunteer who jumps out of bed, or leaves his office desk or family table, to run to save another Yid’s life in a split second’s notice could not compare to any of the services I provided, no matter how righteous they may appear.

Photo Credits: Yaakov Katz Studios

Last week, readers of the Queens Jewish Link read of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ visit to Shevach High School in Kew Gardens Hills as arranged by area Assembly Member Daniel Rosenthal. The uniqueness of this event on the first day of Chanukah warrants an in-depth look at the attendees and their remarks.

This past Sunday, Cunningham Park was the site of the fourth annual Light Up The Night Community Chanukah Celebration, another smashing success. Launched four years ago by Rabbi Shmuel Kogan, Director of Ganeinu Academy and Bukharian Chai Center, the event continues to positively highlight the Jewish communities of Hillcrest, Holliswood, Hollis Hills, Fresh Meadows, and Jamaica Estates. Rabbi Kogan desired to create an annual event that brings together the over twelve shuls in the Jamaica Estates and surrounding areas for Chanukah.

This past Sunday afternoon, December 25, I attended the Beth Gavriel Chanukah Carnival at the behest of the organizers as part of the QBSP-Shmira detail. The main sanctuary had been converted into a makeshift gymnasium for the children to enjoy entertainment and food delights. Originally planned as a street fair, questionable weather conditions convinced the shul to host the event indoors.

Congregation Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills recently celebrated its 38th anniversary dinner, an annual journal event. Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg, mara d’asra, and his rebbetzin, Mrs. Dina Rosenberg, were recognized as Guests of Honor for their 28 years of service to Queens, at the lavish program held at the Young Israel of Hillcrest.