Past President of Queens Jewish Community Council, Community Board 9 member, and celebrated Jewish organization awardee

With heavy hearts, the Queens Jewish Link announces the p’tirah of Ms. Janice Fenster a”h, 77, this past Sunday evening, February 19. Jan was a lover of our publication and showed her appreciation as a consistent patron to our annual networking events. At every opportunity, Jan conveyed her appreciation for my writings and encouraged me to push forward in any way possible to advance the ideals cherished by the Queens frum community. While most readers were probably unaware of Jan’s selfless efforts to meet the needs of others within klal Yisrael, noting her accomplishments is a worthy posthumous tribute.

I joined Queens Borough Safety Patrol-Shmira to bring protection services in our Jewish community to the next level. I am proud to say that we are well on the way to accomplishing this vital task. This past Monday evening, we had our monthly meeting where our force - 24 members strong - was introduced to a newly-organized board of directors, including Ari Hoch, Shimmy Idels, Meshulem Lisker, and Brad Martin. Kudos to Mr. Martin, who also joined as a member. The members went through a serious training led by Levi Leifer, director of the international organization, and several his executive staff members: Simcha Abramvitz, Yoely Friedman, and Yossi Leifer.

The Jewish community in Kew Gardens Hills has been on edge for upwards of a month. Fears grew following news that a smoke shop was set to open its doors on the block made famous by Shimon’s Pizza just off the corner of 72nd Avenue and Main Street. It is now safe to report that the smoke shop will never see the light of day, thanks to the acquisition of the location by Queens Borough Safety Patrol – Shmira as the forthcoming site for their organizational headquarters.

Borough Hall Holocaust Memorial and QJCC KGH Headquarters Sketch Revealed

The annual Queens Jewish Community Council (QJCC) Legislative Breakfast is by far the premier local political event of the year, bringing light to the triumphs of the extremely diverse Queens Jewish community, as well as the trials and tribulations facing the borough, city, and state at large. This year’s shindig was filled with groundbreaking announcements and powerful words from leading legislators and their distinguished attaches.

The New York Police Department’s Shomrim Society held its first annual melaveh malkah on Motza’ei Shabbos, February 11, in Kew Gardens Hills at Congregation Od Yosef Chai. The fraternal organization of Jewish police officers, both former and current, designed the event to unite their membership in a relaxed and enjoyable manner that highlighted the Jewish tradition of partaking in a fourth Shabbos meal. The program was directly in line with the group's mission of providing law enforcement officers of Jewish faith a means to gather and rejoice.

This past Motza’ei Shabbos, February 4, Yeshiva Kesser Torah paid homage to the wife of their founder and Rosh HaYeshivah, Rav Elyakim Getzel Rosenblatt, zt”l. The melave Malka, held in the simcha hall of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, united mispalelim who take advantage of the many minyanim available throughout the day, yeshivah alumni, friends, community members, and supporters.