On Sunday, May 15, Yashar LaChayal will be hosting the Hoops for Heroes Men’s 3x3 Basketball Tournament at Magen David Yeshivah in Brooklyn. The goal of the tournament is to raise awareness and funds for Yashar LaChayal, while connecting Jews in the US with our chayalim.

The tournament is open to adults as well as varsity-age players. Participating teams (up to five players per team) will play in a round-robin format of four games per team to determine the Sweet 16. There will be single elimination games in the Sweet 16 Bracket until a champion is crowned. Each game of the tournament will be officiated by professional referees. Spots are limited.

We hope you will partner with us by registering a team to play in the tournament and/or by being a sponsor. Please visit the tournament website at yasharlachayal.org/unique/bball to register and participate.

The tournament is also dedicated in memory of Howard Rhine a”h, whose legendary devotion to the State of Israel, especially the IDF, was exemplary. Howard was a true friend to Yashar LaChayal (“Straight to the Soldier”) and was extremely passionate about its mission. He worked hard to help Yashar LaChayal provide the IDF soldiers with what they needed when they needed it. It is truly an honor to dedicate the Yashar LaChayal Hoops for Heroes Men’s 3x3 Basketball Tournament to him.

The funds from the tournament will go towards building a new synagogue in Howard’s memory for the Border Patrol that is serving in the Jerusalem area. The hope is to provide these soldiers on base with a proper place to pray, gather for religious services, and connect with their Judaism. The Border Patrol Unit (Magav) is tasked with securing Israel’s borders and assisting the IDF with counterterrorism, homeland security, and law enforcement operations in the West Bank and Jerusalem. It is so important for the soldiers to feel the support of Jews from around the world.

For more information, please contact Carol and Judah Rhine by emailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..