A Magnificent Beginning To Every Life Story

How some moments fleet away, like a fading dream or the dissipating dew? As we draw close to life’s monumental decisions, we celebrate them and cherish the opportunity to start on a beautiful note. In such circumstances, the setting can make all the difference for those memories we fondly recall. Treasured time, a Castle straight off the pages of a fairy tale; these are amongst the experiences promised by Legacy Castle. We interview the team at this truly remarkable place in the hopes of giving our readers a chance to imagine the upper limits of their special celebrations.

BJL: Please tell our readers a little about the history of the Hall and Castle?

The property was originally purchased in 1998 and The Legacy Castle represents the ultimate culmination of many years work. We actually began with the hope of catering to a diverse population, and from the beginning, had the Jewish community in mind.

BJL: Who began this project?

This effort was originally envisioned by entrepreneur Mounir Badaan, who holds this project very close to heart. With over 30 years of experience in real estate, Mounir Badaan has successfully developed land in the surrounding towns and made a name for himself throughout the tri-state area.

Mr. Badaan included his family in this particular venture and intends for his descendants to carry on its legacy after he passes over the reins. Mr. Badaan concludes his spanning career with a crown jewel for his family, a true Legacy Castle, indeed.

BJL: What is your team’s modus operandi?

Being that the Legacy Castle is dedicated to providing a story book setting for our brides, we attempt to create the wedding of their dreams. This consists of a unique blend of setting, service and constant dedication.

BJL: Can you tell us a little about that setting?

I will preface by stating what is readily apparent: The Legacy Castle is a truly unique, unparalleled romantic setting to celebrate your momentous occasions. The castle itself exudes an aura of classic elegance and the grandeur of a royal palace, reminiscent of mansions built during the gilded age of the late 19th century.

The interior of the castle is breathtakingly gorgeous, spacious, and luxurious. This is true from the foyer, to the main lobby, to the cocktail areas and ballrooms.

However, I must say that the focal point of The Legacy Castle is the main lobby. This is due to its unusual 55-foot ceiling, dual floating grand staircases, exquisite fireplace, and marble floors with an ornate center medallion of different colored marbles. The design of the main ceiling is also rather distinctive.

Suspended from the ceiling is a majestic chandelier flanked by two auxiliary chandeliers. At the bottom of each staircase are two lampposts with black granite steps. The wrought-iron stair railings throughout the second floor are custom designed with illuminated Newell posts.

The castle doors are embellished with ornate moldings and appliques. Hand carved cartouches sit above the doorframes. Like a symphony, the architectural features and decorative elements come together to give the main lobby a sense of timeless, classic elegance.

BJL: Your description paints a beautiful picture indeed. Can you describe for our audience what your service might feel like?

Sure. From the moment your limousine enters our gated property, you become royalty. As you drive through the exquisite French style wrought-iron gates, you will see the castle across the lake. Be sure to say Hello to the pair of resident white swans in the water. Moving along, you’ll drive under a towering arched entrance and come across a beautiful and artfully landscaped center courtyard with ramps on both sides leading to the castle. As your driver winds up the drive way to the front door, white gloved doormen open the wrought iron embellished doors to your castle. Upon arrival, you are immediately greeted by a personal attendant in the grand entrance. You are led past the classical winding stair cases, exquisite chandeliers, marble floors and lavish decorations towards the elegant ballroom and your private bridal quarters.

As you can imagine, every detail at The Legacy Castle is designed to leave you and your guests with a cherished memory that will last a lifetime.

BJL: Many of people enjoy taking pictures outside the main halls. Can you describe the exterior of your facility?

There is plenty picturesque here as well. The Legacy Castle is of a neo-classical French beaux-arts style architecture, a blend of different architectural elements abounds. There are towers, circular balconies with French wrought-iron railings, an outdoor terrace above a porte-cochere, and porticos supported by classical style columns. A peninsula that juts into one of our two lakes provides a backdrop that is serene.

If you like, you can also take stunning pictures in the interior. The ceilings throughout the castle are exceptionally high. Each ceiling is designed differently. Coffered ceilings, barrel ceilings, and vaulted groin ceilings are all enhanced with ornate applied moldings and highlighted by hand-painted gold accents. All of the ceilings are accentuated by cove lights, chandeliers, and wall sconces.

From the lobby, looking down the main hallway flanked on both sides by marbleized columns, sits an indoor fountain of carved white marble. Most grand ballrooms and palaces around the world are dazzling with a white and gold scheme, and The Legacy Castle is no exception. The white and gold scheme provides the atmosphere with class, elegance, sophistication, and luxury. There truly is no shortage of wonderful sights and settings. We leave it up to your taste.

BJL: Do you have a final remark for our readers?

Like we said above, we want your time here to be truly memorable. The special occasions celebrated here are surely wonderful enough. But our unique setting adds a touch of timelessness that we believe can only be acquired within the Castle’s unique setting.

The Legacy Castle is located at 141 Route 23 South Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. Reach them at telephone number 973-907-7750, or email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 By Adam Suionov