On October 6, Israel and Gaza were in a ceasefire. How did that work out?

10,000,000 civilians were killed in World War I. Where were the protests? Where were the cries for humanitarian aid? Where were the cries, “Watch out for the civilians?” Where were the flyers to notify civilians of where to expect the strikes so they could move out of harm’s way? Where were the demands for a humanitarian ceasefire?

38,000,000 civilians were killed in World War II. Where were the protests?

2,000,000 Germans were killed in World War II, while 70,000 British were killed. Does that mean the British were the evil ones? Where was the call for equality?

129,000, mostly citizens, were killed in the bombing of Hiroshima. Where were the leaflets telling innocent people to leave the targeted area? Where were the protests?

226,000, mostly citizens, were killed in the bombing of Nagasaki. Where were the protests?

25,000 civilians were murdered by the United States and Britain in World War II. Should we have given the Germans a humanitarian pause? Given them a time-out?

35,000-135,000 civilians on both sides were killed in the bombing of Dresden, Germany. Where were the protests?

This bombing of innocent civilians stopped Hitler, Germany’s monstrous dictator, Tojo, Japan’s tyrannical dictator, and Mussolini, Italy’s fascist dictator! The world felt that it was sadly unavoidable but definitely worth it to bomb the innocent to get rid of the dangerously wicked who were committing genocide.

6,000,000 innocent Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. The media ignored it. The New York Times denied it! Where were the protests?

96,000 civilians have died in Ukraine since the start of the war on February 24, 2022. Russia, though it denies targeting civilians, has hit hospitals, energy infrastructures, schools, residential buildings, and civilian infrastructures. Where are the protests? Where is the world’s call for humanitarian pauses?

2,000,000 civilians on both sides died in the Vietnam War. People protested that our soldiers were needlessly dying, but no one cried out for the innocent civilians.

1,500,000 civilians were killed in the Korean War. Where were the protests?

432,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan, and millions were displaced. We cared about our soldiers but not the civilians. Where were the protests?

Millions of Arabs have been killed by other Arabs. Where were the protests? The West is shocked by the atrocities that occurred in Israel on October 7, but in the Arab world, beheading, decapitation, rape, and violent murder is commonplace. No one cares. No one protests!

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hamas, and Hezbollah kill hundreds of thousands of their own people every year. Where is the world’s outcry? Where is the empathy? Where are the protests? Where is the UN condemnation?

Arab dictators and terrorists killed hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Libya and Syria. No one protested.

Tens of thousands of Arabs in Syria and Iraq were slaughtered and beheaded in the name of Islam. Horrifying! Where were the protests?

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners were tortured by the PLO. No one said a word.

4,000 Palestinians in refugee camps were slaughtered in the Syrian Civil War.

2,500 Palestinians in refugee camps were killed by the Lebanese militia in 1985-1987. Where were the protesters?

230,224 civilians were documented as dead on the 12th anniversary of the popular uprising for democracy in Syria, including 15,275 who died of torture and 154,871 arrested or forcibly disappeared.

14,000,000 Syrians have been forced to flee their homes in search of safety since 2011. The UN and the international community never said a word.

To rid the world of ISIS, our troops surrounded ISIS and kept food, water, fuel, and medicine from them until they surrendered. Innocent civilians were collateral damage. No one objected.

400,000 Yemenis were killed and starved by Saudi Arabia. Where were the protests?

70,000-100,000 young people are dying per year because the cartels in Mexico are sending fentanyl over the border. Where are the protests? These are our citizens dying. Where is the outcry?

Three horrific genocides are presently occurring, according to the UN: the Darfur genocide in Sudan, the Uyghur genocide in China, and the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar. Where are the protests?

Going further back in History:

50,000 civilians were killed in the Civil War. Where were the protests?

In 1863, in the Siege of Vicksburg, General Grant surrounded Vicksburg, cut off the supply lines, and relentlessly refused the entrance or exit of anyone for 40 days, causing the inhabitants of the city to eat dogs and rats and die of starvation. Where were the protests? Where was the cry for a humanitarian cease-fire?

In 1864, General Sherman admittedly marched through, raided, and slaughtered everyone in the Battle of Atlanta. Where were the protests? Where was the cry for a humanitarian cease-fire? General Sherman said, “War is cruel, and you cannot refine it.” Later, he revised his comment, saying, “War is Hell.”

President Abe Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents, approved these tactics to win the war and keep the Union united. He could have agreed to a two-state solution, separating the North and South, but he united the states and abolished barbaric slavery. The end justified the means.

The question then is: Where in history did a country give its sworn enemy a time-out, do precise targeted fighting, drop leaflets, and make phone calls to warn its civilians to move out of harm’s way? Has a country ever opened passageways for enemy civilians to leave? When has a country ever provided its enemy with food, medicine, water, and electricity? When has a country ever brought in doctors, nurses, incubators, and medical supplies to treat the wounded in its enemy territory? Never! Never before was this expected of a country, and never would any other country but Israel think to do this… But Israel cares about humanitarian needs!

Israel is defending itself against its inhumanely vicious terrorist attackers, and the threat of extinction, and the world is championing the terrorists.

Suddenly, everyone is siding with Hamas. Suddenly, everyone cares about civilians, screaming for humanitarian aid and demanding a cease-fire.

Suddenly, everyone is protesting Israel’s right to get back its precious hostages and defend its right to exist!

In other words: Everyone is doing exactly what Hamas has set the world up to do: care more about the “innocent” Palestinians, whom they are using as human shields, than about the slaughtering, beheading, burning, raping, and kidnapping of Jews. How can immoral anti-Semitic individuals dare to cry out for morality?

By Ruki Renov