Yeshiva of Central Queens (YCQ) students had the opportunity to spend the fourth day of Chanukah giving back to the community and doing chesed. While for many, Chanukah can often be a time of taking – receiving presents, eating doughnuts, grabbing all the gelt – YCQ students gave their time and effort to help bring joy to others.

The sixth-grade girls visited Boulevard ALP, a local Assisted Living facility. They sang songs and played Chanukah Bingo with the residents, who were extremely appreciative of their visit.

The sixth-grade boys split up to assist Tomchei Shabbos of Queens and Masbia, two organizations that provide food for those in need. Students packed boxes of Shabbos food for Tomchei Shabbos, while those who went to Masbia helped prepare ingredients and peel vegetables for their soup kitchen.

A special “getting to know you” game of dreidel was played at one of Ohel’s facilities, where the seventh-grade boys had the pleasure of visiting. Each spin corresponds to a different question. This helped the students and residents become quickly acquainted. They also enjoyed a game of Chanukah Bingo together. The seventh-grade girls divided and conquered. Some helped prepare food at Masbia, while the other class sorted and packed toys for sick children at a Chai Lifeline warehouse.

The eighth-grade girls helped sort materials, too. However, instead of toys, they organized donated clothing at “Bobbie’s Place.” The eighth-grade boys will have opportunities in the future to do chesed. They spent the day strengthening their relationship outside of the classroom with students from the SINAI School at YCQ.

Last but not least, the fifth grade was also involved in the Chesed Day activities. As part of a lesson in budgeting, students collected money and then went to Amazing Savings to purchase toys for children being helped by Chai Lifeline.

“I am very proud of all our students. After a full week of Chanukah fun and entertainment, our students put their energy into giving back to the community,” remarked Mr. Jacob Grossman, the Director of Junior High School Student Life and Activities and organizer of the trips.