On Thursday, June 20, MTA talmidim in Rabbi Genachowski’s Freshman Shiur had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be m’samei’ach chasan v’kallah at the wedding of an incredible couple who recently converted to Judaism. What an amazing way to welcome them to our community! Talmidim had a great time dancing with the chasan and even got to sing with Eitan Katz during the chupah.

“When I was invited to this special simchah by a friend who was helping to coordinate it, I knew that I had to include my talmidim,” said Rabbi Genachowski. “Watching my talmidim generate the signature MTA ruach and excitement, and contribute to the pure joy of this unbelievable couple, is an experience that none of us will forget. As a rebbe, there is such tremendous nachas in joining my talmidim and participating in this meaningful mitzvah.”