The second and third graders of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe were in for a treat this week when Chaplain Tzvi Teitelbaum came to visit. After speaking about what Veterans Day is, we had the opportunity to hear from a real Chaplain in the US Army!

Chaplain Teitelbaum explained that he voluntarily became a rabbi in the army, and what his daily schedule looks like. He showed us the special yarmulka that a Jewish soldier has, and how Jewish soldiers spend their yamim tovim. Chaplain Teitelbaum currently serves in the US Army and provides all religious needs to his unit. After taking some questions, the boys were excited to try on his helmet, and try to lift his (35 lb!!) bag.

It was a special moment to see the boys interact with Chaplain Teitelbaum, and see him light up as the second grade presented him with letters they wrote, and an American flag. We thank Chaplain Teitelbaum for his service, and for stopping by YTM.