Four years ago, a rebbe at Ezra Academy envisioned a summer that involved Torah learning for all his students. He set out to create a program that invited the Ezra men and women (9th to 12th graders and alumni) to attend a shiur once a week. Many staff members who agreed that it was indeed an ideal were dubious about the success of such a plan. Rabbi Tzachi Diamond was adamant that as much as he wanted the students to learn, they craved the Torah infusion. as well.

He was right. For four straight summers, one night a week, Ezra students (newly accepted students, current students, and alumni) gather together once a week to eat supper, listen to shiurim (one for men and one for women) and daven Arvit. The program has only grown over the years and attendance has increased. There are approximately 30-40 students per week, and the excitement is palpable to everyone there.

Last Wednesday night, June 29, began the Ezra Academy Summer Series 2022, with two popular rebbeim from Ezra as the first speakers. Thanks to Rabbi Diamond (again) who spoke to the women, and to Rabbi Pinchas Fink, who addressed the men.

The host for this summer is the family of an alumnus who has graciously provided two outdoor locations for shiur and a lovely area for supper. It is a great z’chus to be a part of such an exciting event every week, and I am personally looking forward to some great shiurim and a lot of positive growth as a result of Ezra’s Engaging Program.