It was an emotional and exciting return to school for students and teachers at Bnos Malka Academy. The school has been very busy preparing the classrooms, hallways, and dining room in anticipation of this day. Desk shields, sanitizing stations, and signage are just a few of the measures taken to protect the girls and staff.

The changes in the regular routine did not “mask” the joy that was evident with girls seeing their friends. Executive Director, Michael Salzbank, expressed his gratitude: “It has been a very trying time for everyone. The pandemic has affected us all on so many levels. We don’t know what the future will bring, but for TODAY we are immensely grateful to Hashem for having the girls return to the school they have missed so dearly. B’ezras Hashem, in the coming year, the school will be filled each day with our beloved students and that we see them continue to grow into bnos Torah.”