The Women’s Division of Emet Outreach kicked off their fall programming with an evening of timely inspiration. Over 100 young women packed the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates to hear from renowned speaker Mrs. Jackie Bitton. The relevant theme of the night was “Back to Routine…Now What?” Ms. Adina Fendel, Emet Women’s Director, explained, “The idea was to get right back into consistent Torah learning the first week after Yom Tov, as everyone once again juggles school, work, and family.”

At the start of the night, attendees were excited to catch up with one another over an appetizing sushi buffet. The event was dedicated l’iluy nishmas Chaya bas Elka and in the merit of a r’fuah for a former Emet student who has been recovering from COVID. The group began the program by singing Tov L’hodos LaShem to express how powerful it was that even in the darkest of times this young mother’s family never lost faith in Hashem. “One of the things we emphasized was the emunah and bitachon that have been shown throughout her ordeal and recovery,” said Ms. Fendel.

In a touching moment, the group then presented flowers and wished a mazal tov to Tova Itschakov, an Emet student, who just got engaged. Tova moved the audience by relaying how two years ago, at a similar Emet event, she got up in front of the crowd and took it upon herself to keep Shabbos. Baruch Hashem, she has been keeping Shabbos ever since, and she used this moment to announce her commitment to taking on another important mitzvah.

The focal point of the evening was when Mrs. Jackie Bitton took the floor and captivated the crowd with meaningful stories about “acceptance” that had everyone alternating between laughing and crying. Through a number of anecdotes, she delivered the uplifting message that Hashem loves us and knows what is in our hearts. Just as loving parents never give up on their child, so, too, Hashem always believes in us and accepts us. The lesson resonated with the group.

“It was a beautiful event, and we’re thankful for the incredible enthusiasm and energy that everyone showed,” Ms. Fendel said. “We look forward to seeing students at our weekly women’s programs and at other special events throughout the coming months.”

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