Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe celebrated Lag BaOmer with an annual bonfire. The Lag BaOmer simchah started with a bonfire and live music. The celebration for grades 1-4 started with Rabbi Bookson speaking to the boys about what the simchah of Lag BaOmer is and why we are celebrating. Rabbi Pollak was then honored with lighting the fire and continued with singing Bar Yochai along with the boys. Rabbi Bookson then led the boys in enthusiastic singing and dancing around the bonfire with music by Yossi Newman. After the dancing, the boys enjoyed soft-serve ice cream from our very own ice cream machine sponsored by the YTM Parents Association. The boys then enjoyed a special pizza and spicy-fries lunch with over 100 pies ordered from Shimon’s and Benjy’s pizza shops.

Lag BaOmer festivities at the Yeshiva then continued with Rabbi Pacht and Rabbi Unger lighting the grades 5-8 bonfire. Rabbi Unger and Rabbi Becker followed by leading the boys in singing and dancing lichvod Lag BaOmer. A few minutes at the end were dedicated to singing Ani Maamin as a zikaron to the Meron tragedy of last year. The preschool boys were given their own special time to dance at the bonfire with Morah Ahuva Levine and their moros. All those who observed the boys in Yeshiva witnessed the elevated level of simchah that everyone felt on Lag BaOmer. A special thank you to Aryeh Kohn for his yearly bonfire expertise.