The SIMCHAH CIRCUS program at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens was a smashing success! The school building was transformed into a colorful circus, featuring elephants, clowns, lions, and so much more!

The two-week campaign began with a fantastic introductory assembly. Mrs. Nechama Jurkowitz, limudei kodesh principal, discussed the importance of knowing what brings real simchah. She emphasized that happiness is a choice that we can choose to create in our minds. Mrs. Elisa Taub, midos program director, outlined the different aspects of the program and encouraged the girls to listen carefully to their daily

simchah lessons and to fill out their raffle tickets. A spectacular video featuring BYQ students acting out a circus, emphasized the various ways one can achieve simchah in life. The program ended with the eighth graders performing the amazing program theme song. The full program was viewed on the classroom SmartBoards. Each student also received a circus gift bag with special presents, including a mood bracelet that stated, “BE HAPPY – IT’S YOUR CHOICE”, a simchah magnet, and a ten-color pen with the program logo.

Each day, the girls were given a special simchah lesson by their moros. Some topics discussed were perspective, positive attitude, gratitude, giving to others, self-esteem, emunah, and simchah shel mitzvah. The girls took notes in their “Popcorn” journals.

Mrs. Taub, dressed as a ringmaster, came around to the classrooms each day with the CIRCUS TRAIN cart, to collect the circus raffle tickets. The ticket was a checklist of different ways to work on simchah throughout the day. Each week, one winner from each class was chosen.

Throughout the program, the students received popcorn, smiley face cookies, and a program logo cake to add to the excitement of the program and emphasize the importance of the campaign. The theme song was played over the intercom daily, which added so much ruach to the program, as well.

The happiness, excitement, and deep learning were testament to the success of this unbelievable program. The transformative experience ingrained in the students the keys to live a happy, satisfied, and pleasurable life. The lessons of true simchah will be carried in the hearts and minds of the BYQ talmidos forever!