On Wednesday, December 4, Chabad On Campus of Queens brought Belev Echad to campus, to showcase two Israeli soldiers who were wounded in battle.

Two former soldiers in elite units in the IDF, Amit and Ariel, shared their stories of courage and fortitude. Can you imagine waking up to all blackness after a bombing and a building collapsed upon you in Gaza? Losing friends in front of your eyes? All in your early 20s? All for the sake of the Jewish people!

Thank you to ZOA on Campus, Camera on Campus, and Mishelanu at Queens College for co-sponsoring. “As Jews, we are all one unit.”

At the conclusion of his talk, Amit thanked the 40 Queens College students for attending, saying, “We, the Jewish people, are all one. Thank you for being here. We’re all part of the amazing Jewish people. Be proud!”

Raphael Dan, a freshman at Queens College, wrote on Facebook after the event: “I was privileged today to meet the very IDF soldiers who risk their lives every day to ensure we have lives left to live, and to have a place we can call home. We are forever grateful for the dangers you endure and sacrifices you make to protect our people!

For more information, visit www.qChabad.org.