The excitement was palpable at HALB as we celebrated Israel’s birthday last week.

At Lev Chana, students “traveled” to Israel. Everyone landed at Ben Gurion Airport, went through Customs Control and visited Kibbutz Lev Chana where they milked cows, guessed the type of vegetable by looking at the tops showing above the ground, found the hiding chickens, and added and subtracted oranges in the grove. Next came the cities of Eilat, where they enjoyed the colorful fish and pristine beaches, Tz’fas, where they admired the artwork and candles, and Yerushalayim, where they davened at the Kotel. Our children went home with souvenirs to remember the places they visited.

HALB Elementary began the day with a school-wide t’filah and Hallel, followed by an impromptu kumsitz. Shani and Ahuva, our B’nei Akiva B’not Sheirut, planned and organized an incredible evening of song and dance for the HALB community. Each grade from first through eighth performed a song, dance, or daglanut. Students, parents, and staff had a blast celebrating Israel together! Happy birthday, Israel!