No Shabbaton because of COVID?! Nothing will stop the sixth graders at Bnos Malka Academy, who had a “weekend extravaganza” with activities from Wednesday through Motza’ei Shabbos instead! The theme of the weekend was “Mi HaIsh HeChafeitz Chayim?.. N’tzor L’shoncha MeiRa.”

The fun began on Wednesday, with the girls working in committees to prepare a dance, skit, games, beautiful decorations, and divrei Torah. The classrooms transformed into kitchens on Thursday, when the girls made seven delicious baked goods for the “kiddush” on Friday morning! Mud pie, brownies, blondies, challah – delicious smells were wafting through the air!

The students were then privileged to have an inspiring workshop with Mrs. Zuckerman about the importance and significance of separating challah. On Friday morning, the girls came dressed regally in their beautiful Shabbos clothing. They had a beautiful “kiddush,” where cholent, kugel, and delicious baked goods were enjoyed by all. After playing a fun game of “See, Run, Build,” the girls did the mitzvah of Hafrashas Challah together, and then braided challah to bring home to their families.

The students then enjoyed watching a play called “From Outside the Camp,” which really brought home the message of the power of our speech. The weekend culminated with an exciting melaveh malkah. After the girls made picture frames with pictures from the challah baking, the girls enjoyed pizza while watching each other’s skit and dance presentations.

The ending activity was Silent DJ! The girls each got headphones and had a blast dancing to the music! There was such an exciting and warm feeling of achdus as the girls danced with such happiness. “Sixth Grade Shabbaton” will remain a warm memory for many years to come!