Colors: Blue Color

Lag BaOmer at the Yeshiva of Central Queens was filled with class trips and Color War. The JHS boys headed off for a day at Sportime USA, where they rode rides, played games, and enjoyed laser tag, while the JHS girls headed to Bounce, a trampoline and zip-line activity center. While the JHS students were out of school, the elementary students competed in songs, cheers, and relay activities during two days of color war. The Red, Blue, Yellow, and White teams showed sportsmanship and enthusiasm as they cheered for their teammates, sang songs, and chanted cheers, which could be heard in the yard and throughout the year.

On Wednesday, April 28, talmidim in the MTA Honors College were privileged to hear from Rabbi Yosef Blau, Rosh Yeshiva and Mashgiach Ruchani at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, who discussed the topic of “Torah U’Madda.” Rabbi Blau began by describing how the study of Madda was originally a practical decision made to enable Jewish immigrants to survive in America. Rabbi Blau then explained how several prominent figures, such as Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, advocated for the value of studying worldly knowledge in addition to Torah. They argued that Madda is necessary to help us appreciate Torah, contribute to society, and improve the world around us. Rabbi Blau shared that while Torah is the ultimate focus, Madda does not diminish it, but rather enhances our learning and appreciation of Hashem’s creations.

HAFTR Early Childhood celebrated Lag BaOmer on Thursday and Friday. They had a fun gym program with Morah Naomi Weissler on Thursday in honor of the chag. The children learned about Rabbi Akiva, who taught us to treat our friends the way we want them to treat us. This is quite a big lesson for little children to learn, but their amazing moros help them practice every day by speaking about sharing and being the best friend that we can be to others.

The little scientists in Yeshiva Sha’arei Zion’s UPK observed how their little caterpillars created a cocoon/chrysalis around themselves. They learned that the four stages of the life cycle of a butterfly are egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly. The children drew and painted the life cycles and labeled each stage. They can’t wait to see the fourth stage, when they turn into butterflies!


Twenty-seven students inducted into the National Honor Society

On Thursday evening, April 22, HANC High School held its 45th National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, honoring its current members of this prestigious organization and welcoming 27 inductees into the Maalot Chapter. Members of the Honor Society must maintain a 92 average and represent excellence in Torah, scholarship, service, character, and leadership.