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MTA Juniors in Dr. Berliner’s AP Physics course enjoyed hands-on experimentation during their first lab of the year. After months of learning about the math and theory behind electricity and magnetism, talmidim were able to see these principles in action through active participation in engaging experimentation.

The Rambam Mesivta Classic Film Club screened the 1952 classic, High Noon, starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly the other night. After feasting on Carlos and Gabby’s, the club watched the film that is famous for taking place mostly in real time. High Noon is ranked number 27 on the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Top 100 Films of All-Time List and was nominated for six Academy Awards including Best Picture.

May I say that one teacher is more interesting than the other?”

SKA’s powerful PAUSE (Pausing and Understanding Speech’s Effect) Program on sh’miras ha’lashon, initiated in the school over the past few years by limudei kodesh faculty member Mrs. Sheva Mezei, delivered forceful messages to the student body on Monday, April 19, when the morning was devoted to this incredible project.

After living on the Upper West Side for five years, we were looking to move and we wanted a change from the large community that is the UWS. We didn't want the same type of place, packed to the gills and easy to get lost in crowds. We wanted to somehow still have an easy commute to the city, where we both work, and find a place that we could consider living as opposed to just another place we would rent for a few years then move again. After a Google search for Jewish communities in Westchester, we found Fleetwood. They happened to be hosting an open house that weekend to welcome prospective couples and families which we quickly signed up for. Within 5 minutes at the event we found Fleetwood inviting, warm, and welcoming. Plus the shul was a five-minute walk to the Metro-North!