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An inspirational morning was spent in Shevach High School during Aseres Y’mei T’shuvah, focused on the theme of “K’vakaras roeh edro.” Under the guidance of the Shevach Principal, Mrs. Shulamith Insel, and Yom Iyun Coordinator, Mrs. Debbie Meltzer, the Shevach seniors put their hearts and efforts into making sure this yom iyun would have an everlasting impact. And in the words of Shevach senior Rachel Mamanov, “I knew I was in for a motivational, emotional, yet exciting ride.”

Hadar Bet Yaakov girls enjoyed a multi-faceted approach to t’shuvah this year that began at Student Orientation with a “New Beginnings” presentation on the overlap of the onset of school with Rosh HaShanah and continued through Erev Yom Kippur via academic curricula as well as extra-curricular programming.

MTA launched a special Bein HaZ’manim Chesed and Learning program, encouraging talmidim to spend time helping others prepare for Sukkos and prioritize learning Torah during the Yom Tov break. “Even though yeshivah has just begun, Bein HaZ’manim, or the time we have off from Yom Kippur until after Sukkos, presents us with opportunities to continue to develop as b’nei Torah outside of yeshivah,” said Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker. “Through this meaningful program, our talmidim can maximize their learning and volunteer their time.”

The Midos Program is underway at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens! The students were thrilled to once again gather together for two separate presentations (grades 1-4 and 5-8) at an introductory assembly presenting the theme of the year. The theme of Tav Shin Pei Beis is “Binu Shnos Dor VaDor”Bais Yaakov – Back to BASics. Our motto is “Priorities of the Past.”