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On Sunday evening, December 13, Chazaq, TorahAnytime, EmetOutreach, Thank You Hashem, and Ohr Naava hosted the third annual Night of Gratitude event with inspiring, uplifting speakers l’ilui nishmas Sarah Yuta a”h bas Ephraim Menachem Mendel v’Dinah she’yichyu (Sarit Marton a”h) – 14th yahrzeit (28 Kislev).

On Tuesday evening, November 24, Rabbi Moshe Bamberger, Mashgiach Ruchani at the Lander College for Men and the Beis Medrash L’Talmud, spoke on behalf of Chazaq and Torah Anytime about his inspiring new sefer, titled Great Jewish Journeys To the Past, published by ArtScroll. Rabbi Bamberger is the author of many other inspiring s’farim.

On Sunday evening, November 15, Chazaq, Renewal, Thank You Hashem, and TorahAnytime presented a shiur on the topic of gratitude. Rabbi Uri Lati began with an example in the Chumash where it states that Leah was hated by Yaakov. It wasn’t that Leah was hated – it’s just that Yaakov loved Rachel more. Hashem saw this and he gave Leah sons after sons. “When she felt hated, then Hashem switched everything around.” With Hashem, there is no concept of evil. Sometimes medicine is bitter, but its purpose is to heal. Hashem is there to heal us – to make us stronger.