According to the Baal Shem Tov, every physical desire in this world really contains an aspect of love for Hashem. When we experience a physical pleasure, it makes it easier to come to love the Source of that pleasure. Since Hashem is the Ultimate Source of Good, connection to Him is the ultimate pleasure we can experience. (M’or Einayim, Parshas VaEschanan)

In reality, a person who is caught up in the pursuit of physical pleasure really is seeking the pleasure of a connection to Hashem. But in this world, that desire has gotten misdirected and disconnected from the Source. The emptiness, sadness, and unhappiness that people feel after experiencing a physical pleasure they thought would make them happy is really Hashem’s call to them, telling them to return, that they are straying from the true path they are meant to follow.

Those who can at least recognize that their desires are misdirected, and yearn for the real pleasure of spiritual growth and connection to Hashem, have already taken a big first step to healing and being who they truly are. We have to recognize that Hashem is speaking to us through the situation, and we have to be willing to listen to what is being said, including the lies that our thoughts are telling us, and yearn for that change by pleading with the Source of change.

As Chazal tell us: “If you change your place, you change your mazal” (Rosh HaShanah 16b. It also means: If you change [yourself], then HaMakom [another name for Hashem] changes your mazal.

In this way, we begin to have a real, two-way conversation with Hashem. We cannot only train ourselves to “hear” Hashem’s Voice calling to us throughout the day, but we can respond, as well, and lay the foundation for our personal kabalas haTorah.

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List of People Who Need
a R’fuah Sh’leimah

(a complete recovery)

Please recite Psalms 20, 30, 88, 121, and 130.

Boris Baruch ben Frecha Frida

Alter Shmuel ben Chavah Leah

Chaim Avraham ben Shifrah Zisel

Yehudah Yudel ben Miriam Gittel

Chaim Yitzchak ben Feiga Hinda

Yitzchak Chaim ben Altoon Aura

Yosef Yitzchak ben Gittel

Eliezer ben Roma

Yosef Ezriel ben Chayah Michal

Aharon ben Feiga

Menachem Mendel ben Gitta Perel

Moshe ben Rachel

Yitzchak Nissim ben Luna

David ben Zina Priyev

Yosef ben Zackie

Yehoshua ben Miriam

Asher ben Rima

Tinok ben Chanah

Yechiel Nasan ben Sarah

Chaim Shmuel ben Leah

Shlomo Chaim ben Liza

Meir Moshe ben Ilanah

David Yehudah ben Maya Mazal

Avraham Refael ben Esther

Yisrael Meir ben Daphne Bruriah

Rafael ben Zilpah

Eitan Moshe ben Tal

Moshe ben Shoshanah

Miriam bas Orah

Esther Pesel bas Beila Chayah

Minna Rivkah bas Chanah Frahdl

Tovah Yocheved bas Esther Bukas

Ruchamah Perel Malkah Leah bas Chanah Serel

Esther Hadassah bas Devorah

Leah bas Malkah

Avigayil bas Sarah

Ronit bas Olga

Perel bas Nechamah

Tehilah Hadassah bas Elanah

Berta Duchtar bas Rivkah

Avivah bas Yehudis

Chanah Chayah bas Rivkah Breina

Rivkah Esther bas Nina Naomi

Miriam bas Esther

Casey Naomi bas Larisa

Shaindel Frana bas Gittel

Mahnaz Ilanit bas Nosrat

Yaffah bas Nava Natali

Pnir bas Sarah

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