Touro College Sets Students up for Success; Medical, Dental and Health Science Deans Offer Insights into Admissions

What better way to learn how to ace your medical or dental school interview than to have a chance to talk directly to deans themselves? It’s no secret that Touro undergrad students interested in pursuing medicine and the full array of health science careers have an edge when it comes to access and opportunity. Many students go directly from a Touro undergrad to a graduate or professional program and accelerated pathways are available in several fields.

With five medical schools, a dental school, and programs in all the allied health sciences, nearly 8,000 students are currently gearing up for their chosen careers in one of Touro’s well-respected graduate and professional schools. Touro’s ever- expanding footprint in medical and health science education is unparalleled among private institutions in the U.S. and the school is dedicated to preparing and nurturing its undergrads toward success with cutting-edge technology and labs as well as small class sizes and personalized attention from faculty and staff.


Evening with the Deans

One of the unique programs that exemplifies this commitment is the annual medical and health science admissions Evening with the Deans that Touro undergrads from all three Lander Colleges attended last month.In this special program for undergraduates interested in pursuing medical and health science careers, deans and admissions officers interact with potential applicants, answering questions and sharing critical advice about careers and admission to New York Medical College (School of Medicine and School of Basic Medical Science), Touro College of Dental Medicine, Touro College of Pharmacy, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, and New York College of Podiatric Medicine, an affiliate of Touro.

“When you arrive at Touro we make a commitment to facilitate your education and career plans. We take that commitment very seriously,” said Rabbi Moshe Krupka, Executive Vice President at Touro. “You come to us with an aspiration, and we help make it a reality. Our University System is multi-faceted, and the undergrad programs work in concert with our professional programs to ensure that you succeed in entering your chosen career. We will train you for the next stage of your personal and professional lives in all key aspects --academically, emotionally, and religiously. We understand your needs and values and throughout the Touro system, you will never have to choose between your religious observance and your education.”

This   program is spearheaded by Dr. Edward Halperin, chancellor of New York Medical College, who feels that members of the Touro family are responsible for each other, one for another. “I view it as my responsibility to make sure that Touro undergraduates are fully informed about the process for applying to MD, DDS, DO, DPharm, MS in basic biomedical sciences, and Doctor of Podiatric Medicine programs. I also view it as my responsibility to educate our undergraduates on the special issues related to being an Observant Jewish applicant and health care practitioner,” said Dr. Halperin.

The program, now in its 10th year, was conducted entirely online for the first time this year. Approximately 100 students participated.

Students joined small breakout sessions with leaders at their program of interest, seizing the moment to ask a wide range of questions, including the best way to study for standardized admissions tests and how admissions committees weigh extracurricular activities. They also asked how admissions committees look at older students with families and how to get a Shomer Shabbos medical residency. Touro has the largest inventory of Shomer Shabbos residency programs for MD, DDS and DO in North America.


Student Feedback

Elisheva Dusowitz, a senior at Touro’s Lander College of Arts and Sciences, is applying to medical school. She said it was especially valuable to hear from faculty members. “I found it very helpful to hear from faculty members of these programs, all of whom gave me an idea of what they look for and consider in potential candidates. I heard different ideas that can enhance my application such as gaining experience in healthcare and volunteer work. I am confident that with Touro's help, I will be able to complete this process successfully,” she said.

Jacob Neuman, a Touro senior who is on the pre-dental track said, “The energy in the Zoom room was unlike anything I've ever experienced. This event equipped me with the necessary tools and information to succeed in grad school interviews. The Touro Dental school dean answered all my questions regarding my future ambition to join his dental program. I can say that my fellow students and I are lucky to have a place like Touro to call our home.”

Touro offers 75 different degree programs in health sciences and related fields. In addition to professional schools, programs include Ph.Ds., master’s degrees, and certificate programs. For more information, visit