Question: How long must you wait before performing a bris milah on a child with neonatal jaundice?

 Short Answer: There is no short answer to this complex medical halachah question. A competent poseik, with knowledge of the medical issues, or access to medical advice, should be consulted.

Question: In light of social distancing, how should everyone get an aliyah on Simchas Torah?

Short Answer: If a minyan only has one sefer Torah and in general has been giving all the aliyos to the baal k’riah, on Simchas Torah the minyan can continue to do so, as there are certainly poskim who disagree generally with the custom of giving everyone an aliyah on Simchas Torah. Nevertheless, there may be some safe ways to perform this minhag this year, as well. However, Rav Hershel Schachter shlita told a group of rabbanim that because of safety concerns, this year it may make sense to give no one other than the baal k’riah an aliyah.