Question: When minyanim are allowed, should we make up the parshiyos that we missed; and if yes, how?

Short Answer: Many contemporary poskim have ruled that there is no need to make up any of the missed parshiyos, but it is virtuous to do so.

Question: Many outdoor minyanim are currently taking place throughout the neighborhood and, as a result, men and women in nearby houses often hear the davening from the privacy of their homes, even when not davening together with the minyan. Must such a person stop what he or she is doing and answer K’dushah together with the outdoor minyan?

Question: If someone has an infectious disease, such as COVID-19, and is hospitalized, Rachamana litzlan, may/should he bring his t’filin to the hospital if the t’filin will have to be burned afterwards because of the disease?

Question: How should the aliyos for k’rias haTorah be divided up in minyanim that adhere to social distancing?

Short Answer: There are two major options in the poskim: either (i) the participants receive the aliyos from afar and do not approach the Torah, or (ii) the baal k’riah receives all the aliyos and makes a brachah before and after each aliyah.