Gov. Kathy Hochul presented her budget proposal for FY 2023. In her proposal, she pledges $2 billion in additional funding for pandemic relief, which she indicated should go to the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) or other rent aid programs such as the Landlord Rental Assistance Program (LRAP). The governor's numbers align with what housing advocacy groups like the Community Housing Improvement Program have been calling for in additional funding over the several few weeks. While the governor indicated the funds should be merged into the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP), the funding, and overall budget, will need to be negotiated with the State Legislature. Housing groups like the Community Housing Improvement Program will be mounting a strong public relations campaign and lobbying effort to fight for this funding to be allocated to renters and their housing providers.

 “We were pleased to see Governor Hochul agree with us that the best way to ensure housing security while many New Yorkers are struggling financially is programs like ERAP and LRAP,” said CHIP Executive Director Jay Martin. “Our members and most rational people would agree there are larger, structural policy changes needed around housing in New York, but getting money into the hands of New Yorkers and housing providers is what is important today.” 

 In New York State, the governor has tremendous power over the budget process. The State Legislature cannot write any part of the budget; they must negotiate with the governor. So it is likely that this funding will be available to renters after the budget passes on or around April 1, 2022.