We stand at a crossroads every day,

How easily we lose our way!

If only we could look to see

With our souls,

How clear our direction would be!

Blessing would engulf us

From above and below,

Kindness and abundance



But emotion overpowers


We rationalize

And disconnect;

Holy sparks within us,

Buried in lies,

Pretentiousness, and alibis.


The mountain of blessing,

Is G’rizim,

Its name from “g’zeirah” –

Clear justice; Din,

As in righteous justice,

Handed down by a court

With no influence

That would cause distort.


Mount Eival holds the root

“Eival” – concealed –

The choice of Edom,

It does not yield

Connection of judgment

To higher wisdom;

Its source is ego,

Its curse to come!



Our daily lives,

Challenges come,

The satan strives,

Prisons of illusion

Keep us entombed,

His biggest illusion

Is that we’re doomed.


Angels saw our challenge,

They petitioned Hashem

To keep the Torah

Safe with them;

High in the celestial realm

Rather than with flawed man

At the helm.

HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Rebuffed them and said:

With Avraham and Sarah

Did you not break bread?

Did my servant not serve you

Angelic food

With every blessing

And certitude?

Sanctifying My Name

His every intention,

A kli for k’dushah

In every dimension!


Avraham was blessed

With years, wealth, and purpose

For his sincere faith and trust;

He had much less than we have

On which to rely,

For we were given

Clear vision

At Mount Sinai.


The choice is apparent

For us to see,

Just look back

At our history,

Assess what matters, honestly;

We can see consequence,

We can do the math,

Find our way

To the true path,

The mountain of blessing

Our destiny;

If we keep perspective,

We can truly see.