The Menorah is central,

The most powerful

Symbol representing Israel

In His kindness.

With light

HaKadosh Baruch Hu began


Giving knowledge and primacy

To man.


From keepers of the garden,

To His world to watch over,

With righteousness and justice

To bring heaven closer,

The chronicles of existence

Have been a volatile flow,

So much beyond our control

But this much we know:


We have relevance, to the story

Established as G-d’s camp,

As He lights up creation

We can shine, as His lamp.


Light the way

For a traveler

On an uphill climb,

Give a spark of encouragement

To someone, at a rough time;

Show compassion

To one downcast,

Wake that hope against hope,

Be a lifeline to someone

At the end of their rope.

Give all whom you encounter

The benefit of doubt,

Turning an enemy into a friend,

Causes salvation to sprout;

Sound advice, or rebuke

If someone’s receptive

May be difficult, but the truth

May cause their soul to live.

Clear the one

To whom your honor

Was diminutive,

Like the sun’s gentle rays

Heal the hurt and forgive.


A beacon can be a laser,

Make no mistake,

Burn down the lies,

Be not silent

For Zion’s sake.


Be a lamp against the darkness,

Sometimes it’s hard to do;

Show caring and forbearance

When the choice falls to you.


Beams of light

From the Menorah,

When the Beis HaMikdash stood,

Reached every corner of the earth

With great blessing and good.


Hashem fashioned the sun and moon,

Stars in multitudes,

Yet, our light is dearest

To HaKadosh Baruch Hu.


I want to thank You

For the light,

HaKadosh Baruch Hu;

You poked holes

Through the blackness

In our darkest hours;

We knew

Even then, we were Your children

Still beloved to You.


When this old world

Sees redemption

From the exile’s dark night,

You will return

To Your world,

Its primordial light;

We will be overcome

With thanksgiving and song,

Your Eternal Flame


There for us, all along.

 By Sharon Marcus