A fiendish canard,

The Blood Libel

Is having a nefarious revival.

Cuomo and de Blasio are seeing red,

Blaming Orthodox Jews

For COVID’s spread.


Cuomo’s proof: a funeral photographed,

An assembly of Orthodox Jews en masse,

Defying mask and distance edicts.

But the picture was taken in 2006!

Blustering de Blasio threatened,

The time for warnings had passed.

It was the Jewish Community

Singled out to lambaste.

But the Mayor himself

Broke the rules he professed,

When he attended a Black Lives Matter protest.

Throngs of people, unmasked,

Up close and personal.

Guess when the Mayor’s in the mix,

Rules are reversible.


COVID deaths are twice as high as whites, among Asians,

Their scapegoating triggered immediate repudiation.

Latinos and African Americans see five times the death rate,

But you don’t see the Governor “setting them straight.”

Only Orthodox Jews are read the riot act.

You see the results:

More Jews get attacked.


The Bronx, East New York, Far Rockaway,

Brighton Beach

Have the highest death rates

Of COVID’s reach;

Only one of those has

A Jewish district to impeach.

Borough Park’s mortality rating ZIP Code is 49th –

Williamsburg 79th –

Yet they’re shut down,

Face losing financial plinth.


The media was already chomping at the bit,

To bash Jews before the pandemic hit.

From bris milah to kosher slaughter,

Our liturgy out of sync;

With their new social order,

The hipsters who despise Judeo-Christian religions

Thrilled to rationalize their derision.


The New York Times

Tops the COVID Libel list,

With more of the news “That’s fit to twist!”

Orthodox Jews are ignorant fanatics, they insist.

A rise in deaths in a Chinese area is not a story,

In a Black area, racism, the reason, surely.

But Orthodox Jews, have reacted poorly,

Due to backwards religious story.


Cuomo forced nursing homes to take in

4,500 COVID-infected patients.

Violating civil rights of their residents,

Threatened revocation of the homes’ licenses.

More than 6,600 died; they had no defense.

Investigation opposed by Cuomo,

Department of Justice disagrees,

For now, their deaths shrouded in mystery.


The Governor and Mayor, who’ve colossally failed,

Transfer blame, their ineptness remains thinly veiled.

Caused death and panic, separation and grief,

They will one day face justice,

Their reign and COVID’s will cease.


In the interim, my people, your indignation,

Is wasted on this situation.

I appeal to you, to just comply,

Till this evil season passes by.

Don’t hand a sword to those who hate us,

Although they agitate and berate us!

Don’t waste energy on civil disobedience,

Direct it to re-electing Trump and Pence!


By Sharon Marcus