A palace stood

Engulfed in flames.

One day, a traveler named Avraham came.

He said, “There must be an owner,

This, I know.”

Then Hashem appeared

In the window.

Hashem said “I am the Owner,

The palace is Mine,

My creation and design.”


Our world, the palace,

Burns without and within,

Consumed with the flames

Of injustice and sin.

Avraham spoke against the lies,

Captivating mankind;

They were not wicked, but foolish,

In Avraham’s eyes.


S’dom’s great wealth

Couldn’t save them.

Fire and brimstone rained

On an axis of five cities,

Only salt remained.

People haven’t changed much

Since our inception,

Aside from media broadcast

Of all grand-scale deception.


At Virginia’s George Mason University

A student rose to speak, and she

Accused Israel of many

Horrendous crimes,

The crescendo: ethnic genocide!

Such an obvious pack of lies,

Vice President Harris (in attendance)

Not only let it slide,

But she lauded the student

For her racist words,

Saying: “Your truth cannot be suppressed,

And it must be heard.”


Nike’s joined the tribunal,

Announced its boycott,

Their pricey plastic sneakers

The Jewish state

Will have not.

The world’s most infamous sweatshops,

Where Nike’s goods are made

Are in countries where children are trafficked,

Human beings are sold as slaves.


Contended for the first time,

Funding for the Iron Dome,

The prophecy is actualizing –

Israel will stand alone.

Some say,

“I hate Israel, not the Jews,”

It’s a lie;

Israel’s destruction

Would, of course, include you!


Alma d’shikra,

This is a world of lies;

Nations of murder and oppression

Are lionized,

The cornerstone, Israel,

Libeled and despised.


“Woe to those who call evil good

And good, evil.”

What can save the palace

From the blazes of upheaval?

As the world spirals downward

In its decent,

We pray for resolution,

Mashiach’s advent,

A turn towards truth

The world must take;

Firstly, be not silent

For Zion’s sake.


For despite the lies, hatred,

The whole world’s condemnation,

The palace,

Entirely, for Israel’s sake

Is destined for salvation.


By Sharon Marcus