Every day is a gift,

Every ray of the sun

A continuation, the miracle

Of Hashem’s Creation.


Before Adam

All creatures came,

Great and small,

Adam given the honor

Of naming them all:

Their spiritual essence,

Their inner truth,

The dense physical fiber

Of each hide, claw, and tooth

Condensed down to their

Metaphysical aspect;

The Hebrew names Adam gave them

Remain in effect.


HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Greatly exalted Adam,

Made him partners in a song,

Even angels cannot fathom

The tohu,

Intense expression

Of G-dliness,

The Song of Creation,

Spiritual, made manifest,

Sung by Hashem Himself;

Angels can only but listen,

As each day

Hashem creates the world

Again and again.


There still exists

Divine dispensation;

We can still be partners

Of HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s creation –

The mitzvos, an expression

Of Hashem

Embodied in physical action

In serving G-d;

The mitzvos yield

The song given back to us

As Hashem is revealed.


By Sharon Marcus