MTA launched a special Bein HaZ’manim Chesed and Learning program, encouraging talmidim to spend time helping others prepare for Sukkos and prioritize learning Torah during the Yom Tov break. “Even though yeshivah has just begun, Bein HaZ’manim, or the time we have off from Yom Kippur until after Sukkos, presents us with opportunities to continue to develop as b’nei Torah outside of yeshivah,” said Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker. “Through this meaningful program, our talmidim can maximize their learning and volunteer their time.”

Freshmen Noam Sheffey and Akiva Parver, Junior Nosson Oirich, and Senior Mordechai Fox, spent the beginning of their Sukkos Bein HaZ’manim break building sukkos for community members and organizations who were unable to build their own. “Chesed is an integral part of our yeshivah, and we offer a variety of chesed opportunities throughout the year in an effort to instill the tremendous value within our talmidim of giving back to the community,” shared Rabbi Schenker. “It’s truly inspiring to watch firsthand as our talmidim take what they have learned and bring it to life within their own communities. We are so proud of Noam, Akiva, Nosson, and Mordechai for helping those in need to fulfill this important mitzvah.”