Math is engaging, rigorous, and fun at Bais Yaakov of Queens! The sixth grade math students created Venn Diagrams while learning prime factorization. They compared and contrasted the prime factors of two numbers. They used their Venn Diagrams to determine the greatest common factor and least common multiple for those numbers. The girls appreciated the graphic organizer as a visual model to make abstract math more concrete. “The girls enjoyed ‘playing around’ with the numbers,” said Mrs. Lindell, the sixth grade math teacher. They look forward to more engaging activities to make math come to life!

In the fourth grade, the girls worked in groups to solve GIANT multiplication examples. They practiced multiplying with regrouping, a new and challenging skill, in an engaging way. “It’s amazing to see the girls so happy to learn. I hope making learning so much fun, the girls will continue to have a love of learning and feel the joy of mastering new skills throughout their lives!” said fourth grade teacher Mrs. Rauch.