Recap: Sender receives a telegram that he has to come home. He is bringing the Wright brothers plans and photos in his suitcase to keep them safe. He had a strange feeling of someone following him to the train station.

The whole way home, I wondered why Bubby sent a telegram. Did she know I was in Kitty Hawk? She must be angry at me. I should have told her. I wish I’d told her, but she might not have let me go. Now, she may say I can’t go back. I sighed, because I wasn’t bringing home the bike for Ruchy yet. What if she didn’t let me go back. I hadn’t earned enough to purchase it. Would Bubby let me go back? I had to earn that bike. It was the only way I’d ever… I bumped into my secret when I started thinking about Ruchy and it was too painful.

Instead, I tried to think about the flying machine and all the amazing things I’d seen. Ruchy would love to hear about them. I closed my eyes and pictured Orville taking off in the glider. It was like a bird gliding in the air.

The train lumbered along, stopping at towns along the way and belching steam. I imagined myself in the glider. Maybe one day they would let me.

I had the precious documents and the camera tucked deep inside my suitcase, and the suitcase was securely fitted beneath my feet. I kept touching the suitcase handle to make sure it was there.

A man kept strolling back and forth down the aisle of the train. He wore dark glasses and a plaid cap.

I started to recite T’hilim. I asked Hashem to please convince Bubby to let me go back. I had to go back. Eventually, the constant rocking of the train put me to sleep. I dreamed I was in the glider with Orville, and we were slowly rising into the air. It was the most exquisite, light feeling. We passed birds and clouds.

I woke with a start. Someone was leaning close to me. The man with the dark glasses had been leaning down near the floor where I sat.

I instinctively reached for the suitcase handle beneath my feet.

The man stood abruptly and turned away.

I felt an icicle of fear inside. Why was he leaning over me? What did it mean?

My stop was called and I grabbed my precious suitcase and headed off the train.

I glanced behind as I strode towards home. I felt like someone was following me. I didn’t see anyone. It must have been my imagination. I have a vivid one.

 To be continued…

 By Susie Garber