Winter break with Emet Outreach was more than a much-needed Florida vacation for a group of deserving college girls. Led by Ms. Adina Fendel, Emet Women’s Director, the six-day-trip featured a full schedule of motivational speakers, impactful religious experiences, scenic excursions, luxurious accommodations and of course, the opportunity for friendship.

Beginning on the beaches of Miami and culminating with a visit to Disney in Orlando, the goal was to make each day memorable. “The Miami trip has been a staple in the Women’s Division for years. It’s planned to allow the girls to connect with each other and create a balance of fun activities and Torah learning,” said Ms. Fendel. “It was really an amazing group this year and the energy and enthusiasm was incredible.”

The roster of activities included a sunset cruise, Segway tour, challah bake, private swimming and of course time in the Magic Kingdom. There were also chavruta learning and inspiring lectures by engaging speakers like Mrs. Adina Stilerman, Rabbi Chaim Albert, Rabbi Daniel Wolnerman and Rabbi Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro. The centerpiece was a rejuvenating Shabbos.

The trip has already made a lasting impression on the students, who were eager to share their thoughts. “This weekend, 13 friends turned into family during our time in Florida. We heard from some of the best, most inspirational speakers while fitting in fun activities with the group,” said Natalie Borukhov. “Emet continues to empower and unite the next generation of Bukharian Jews and I am eternally grateful for their effort.”

Orel Saiedian said, “I already knew this Miami trip was going to be an amazing experience since Emet was planning it! Everyone was so open, super sweet, and the activities helped us all connect. Shabbos was so nice because we all shared some funny stories, and the musical Havdalah was beautiful. Overall, this trip was a 10 out of 10!”

Rebecca Inoyatov added, “This experience allowed me to not only meet new people and go from strangers to family, but it also made me yearn to grow spiritually. I now see that growth in Judaism doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t have a fun time doing it. This was definitely an experience for the books!”

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