Dear Editor:

I completely agree with Moshe Hill’s article last week regarding likely implied or express threats to the Chauvin jurors.

Along the same lines, it has always surprised me that almost no one mentioned the possibility of similar threats to the judges who ruled over the Trump challenges. With all the evidence that the Trump advocates had, it totally defies logic that not a single one of the dozens of judges gave his case even a hearing.

 Tom Furst
Great Neck


Dear Editor:

I would like to publicly thank the Chazaq Organization and UJA Federation for hosting a vaccine pop up site in the Young Israel of Forest Hills’ ballroom this past Sunday evening. This pandemic has caused us much pain and heartache, and being able to effortlessly get vaccinated in a comfortable setting was of utmost importance. I was also put at ease by the frum staff who attended to my needs. I would be remiss if I did not mention my vaccinator Avi Cyperstein, who is running for City Council right here in Forest Hills and recently became approved to give inoculations, giving over 300 to date. Thank you to all.

 Pinchas Shakhmoroff


Dear Editor:

The past year has been quite difficult for those in law enforcement. The inexcusable mistakes of a few have resulted in an endless tirade of disdain for those who chose to dedicate their careers to public safety. There has also been a noticeable voice in favor of policing often heralding under the “Back the Blue” banner. During times of heightened public awareness, many often yearn to give back and either dedicate their spare time or enter a career of public service – in this case, protection of the public. I would like to bring attention to several organizations that have put out calls for volunteers. In alphabetical order: Chaverim of Queens, Chazaq, Misaskim of Queens, and Queens Borough Safety Patrol – Shmira. These are just some of the local organizations that service our neighborhoods.

If you live in any area of Queens, Great Neck, West Hempstead, or the Far Rockaway/Five Towns area, please reach out at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I will happily give some guidance. The New York Police Department is also holding exams for those who wish to become police officers. There are only a handful of Orthodox Jewish members, and with a starting salary of $42,500 and double that after just five and half years, there is no time better than today to start a rewarding career as an NYPD recruit. The deadline to register with the exam fee waived is this upcoming Tuesday, May 4, so visit to take advantage.

 Shabsie Saphirstein


Dear Editor:

Mr. Hecht resides in Never Never Land or Fantasy Island. There are no moderates. Mr. Biden was elected President because of unconstitutional changes made by mostly Democrat governors. Drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and no photo ID were rampant in the 2020 election. It was not because it was a fair election and “moderates” picked Biden. Heck, the man wouldn’t even leave his basement to campaign.

Every member of Congress representing our area – Meeks, Meng, Suozzi, and Rice – are all not moderates. They all voted for the watered down “rebuke” of Rep. Omar without public condemnation. They all voted twice to impeach President Trump, especially the second time for the “insurrection” that, by the way, wasn’t violent despite the lefty media narrative. And they all voted to protect Maxine Waters, who went to another Rep’s district in another state, and stirred up a crowd that they should get violent if Officer Chauvin was not convicted. None of those four have said a word. And what Waters said was a thousand times worse than anything President Trump ever said. It’s shameful. They all voted for HR1, which is a Democrat Party power grab and federalization of our election laws. They all voted for DC Statehood, which requires a Constitutional amendment to change (so much for their oath to defend and protect the Constitution), and they voted for reparations. So, who among them is a “moderate”?

Joe Biden is no “moderate.” He’s a Trojan horse. He’s destroying our sovereignty by letting in hundreds of thousands of illegals cross our border. He’s destroying our Republic. He’s destroying our economic system. He is entering the Paris Climate Accord without proper treaty ratification by the Senate. He’s planning on taxing us into the ground. He is getting stepped all over by China and Russia and soon Iran and North Korea. He has no plans to push back and show America’s strength. His deputy attorney general and now head of the Civil rights division of the Justice Department are two of the biggest race-baiters. His UN Ambassador is promoting Critical Race Theory.

Sorry, Mr. Hecht, no more moderates. Not here, not anywhere.

 Shalom Markowitz


Dear Editor:

Kerry Proposes Tax On Breathing
To Fight Climate Change (Satire)

WASHINGTON, DC—John Kerry, the president’s Envoy for Climate, suggested in an interview today that the federal government should impose taxes on breathing to fight climate change.

“The science is very clear on this: Breathing is the number one driver of man-made climate change,” Kerry said, while struggling to keep up his extremely long chin. “If we can get everyone’s breathing under control, we can save our planet from the impending climate apocalypse. And it means a brighter future for everyone.”

Kerry has been working with the communist squad in Congress to devise a tax system on breathing. Their proposed bill operates in almost the same way as our income tax system: the more breaths you take per day, the more taxes you pay; and the fewer breaths you take per day, the less taxes you pay. Each breath is taxed at one cent, adjusted for inflation.

There are no exemptions from the mandate. There are, however, certain deductions you can take. For example, if a person held his breath for a period of time, he can deduct from his taxes the average number of breaths he would have taken during said time. So, if you would have taken 300 breaths during that time period, you can deduct 300 cents from your total tax liability, i.e. $3.00, and so on.

The IRS will be installing breathing detectors nationwide to monitor things like breathing fraud and breathing evasion. The IRS has put out an advanced warning to anyone who might disobey the new law, that they may be deprived of their ability to breath – permanently.

So we wouldn’t mess around.

 Rafi Metz


Dear Editor:

AOC stated that Biden is more progressive (radical) than she could have imagined. Warren Hecht stated that Biden is conservative. I have to admit that AOC is correct.

  1. Foreign Policy: Trump led by strength. He realized that China was our greatest threat. Trump was America First. Biden is China and Iran First. Trump got out of the Keystone Pipeline. This caused Canada to go to China – good for China, bad for US. Biden chose Kerry to be in his administration and sit on the National Security Council. Kerry leaked Israeli intel to Iran – good for Iran; bad for the US and Israel. This is horrifying. Biden is willing to lift sanctions on Iran and allow Iran to get nukes. Trump refused to do so. Trump built up our military. Biden is cutting our military. That is great for China. China is building up its military drastically. Trump got out of the Climate Accord because it favored China and hurt the US. Biden jumped back into it. The one good thing that Biden is doing is making sure that his son (Hunter Biden) gets money from China. This makes it all worthwhile.
  2. Israel: Trump cut funding to the Palestinian Authority because they were using the funds to support terrorists who murder Jews. Biden restored the funding. How can any Jew support that?
  3. COVID: Trump presided over the making of the vaccines and the therapeutics. Trump also closed our borders. He gets no credit for this. In fact, Trump is compared to Haman and Hitler. Biden opened up our borders and created a major problem for us all and he is praised to the sky. Trump did great work on illegal immigration. Under the Obama system, any illegals who claim asylum would get to stay in the US while waiting for a court hearing. If they don’t show up for the hearing they remain here. Of course, the illegals would never show up for their hearing. This is like giving someone a speeding ticket and telling them that they only have to pay if they come to a court hearing. This ridiculous system has led to mass caravans coming to the US. Trump stopped this by forcing illegals who claim asylum to stay in Mexico until their hearing date. This reduced the surge of illegal immigration dramatically. Biden went back to the broken Obama system. Biden is working toward open borders. In fact, Biden is even sending applications to deported illegals to come back. These illegals will spread corona and other infectious diseases. In the liberal mindset, a person davening in shul without a mask is a COVID risk, but millions of illegals with COVID crossing our border is fine. This will also bankrupt this country.
  4. Domestic Policy: Biden wants to spend trillions on the Green New Deal and pay for it by taxing investments and businesses. This will harm our nation. Biden also wants to pack SCOTUS to consolidate power for the Democrats. Biden also wants to adopt HR1, which would give the Dems permanent and absolute power. Biden also states that the police are all racists and we must defund the police. At the same time, he wants to confiscate the guns and leave us at the mercy of Antifa and BLM.

We must stop this radical agenda before it is too late.

 Martin Berkowitz