Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing two major allegations that have the potential to be the catalysts to remove him from office. However, there is an obvious difference between how the two stories are being covered, and that difference will determine the future of New York State.

Governor Andreas Cuomo has come under fire for his handling of the crisis this past spring. In Adar, Jews across the empire were facing extinction as the decree issued by King Achashverosh affected all 127 states under his rule. Cuomo, governor of the densely populated state of Madai (Media), claimed to have been doing all he could to protect any potential victims who resided in his state.

At the end of any president’s term in office, we are able to look back and determine if they have delivered on the promises that they made when running for the position. President Joe Biden made many such promises while running for president - perhaps none more important that bringing the country closer together. After the divisiveness that has plagued us for the last four years (and let’s be honest, that was building for the previous sixteen), all Americans want right now is to feel like a country again. Sure, we may disagree on healthcare, foreign affairs, gun control, and a myriad of other policy-related topics, but if we can’t just accept that there are those who disagree with us without condemning them as morally depraved communists, or racist nutjobs, we are lost as a country. It is therefore with utmost imperativeness that President Biden succeed in uniting the country. And here’s how he can do it.

Racism is dead.

It took us until the year 2021 C.E., but humanity has finally been able to successfully wipe out racism. To be clear, we are not talking about “racism” as a concept. No, racism is alive and well, and unfortunately, I doubt anyone reading this will ever live to see that completely wiped out. What is dead is the word “racism.” Calling someone a racist has lost its meaning. Referring to an act as having been spurred by racism has been rendered hollow. Over the past four years, “racism” has become a catch-all meaning for “bad.”

One long-standing stereotype of Jews is that we love to complain. One only need log in to any kosher restaurant group on Facebook to confirm this categorization. However, while this may be the most accurate stereotype of Jews as a whole, if there is one thing that social media has taught us, it’s that this is not an exclusive trait to members of The Tribe. When boiled down to its essence, Twitter is just a bunch of people complaining, and then responding to the complaints with more complaints.