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 A few weeks ago, the 107th precinct held a synagogue security meeting for all of Queens South. The meeting was chaired by Queens South commander David Barrere and included numerous police officials and officers. Many fine members of the Jewish community from our area to Far Rockaway were in the audience. Our representatives, State Senator Joe Addabbo and Councilman Rory Lancman, sat at the head table.

 I’m not going to comment now on the impeachment effort by the Democrats of President Trump. I’ll leave the legal worthiness of the impeachment up to the legal and political scholars. But I will pattern myself after Hizzoner Mayor Michael Bloomberg and now Democrat presidential candidate. Mr. Bloomberg said of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, “I’m from New York, so I know a con artist when I see one. Donald Trump is a con artist.”

I was originally going to title this article “Maybe It’s Time To Support AOC.” But anyone to whom I told this, including one of the co-publishers, was horrified at the thought. Even after I explained my intention behind the title, they were afraid the reader would stop at the headline and not absorb the subtleties.

One of the worst things you can be accused of today is hate. There is a whole host of races, genders, and religious and ethnic groups, that if you express any kind of distaste for them you are considered a racist or phobic person. Careers have been destroyed at the mere suggestion of a hateful remark or what may now be considered an offensive picture, even if the photo was taken decades ago when such a pose was not considered hateful at that time.