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Many years ago, when I started applying for a position in the rabbinate, my father half-jokingly told me to watch out for shuls that have self-aggrandizing names. For example, if a shul is named “Rodfei Tzedakah” (pursuers of charity), they are likely miserly. If they call themselves “Anshei Shalom” (people of peace), they are probably strife-ridden. Naturally, this was just whimsical and should not reflect on any particular shul in reality. As a young cynic, I asked my father if that means that Young Israel synagogues are really for the elderly. At least he had a chuckle.

One of the rarities in today’s society is honest conversation. If we had honest conversations about our political, religious, and racial differences, we would be in far better shape. The turmoil in which the country currently finds itself is because we will not talk to each other honestly.

We are, baruch Hashem, approaching the gradual slowing of the awful virus that causes COVID-19. If we continue to remain vigilant and do not relax our guard, and if we follow the rabbanim who follow mainstream medical advice, we will, b’ezras Hashem, get to the point of relative normalcy. We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.