A few years ago, I wrote an article “How Crazy Are We?” In the article, I questioned those Jews on the liberal left for constantly battling Donald Trump by nastily protesting his immigration policies and just about everything else he stood for.

The following week, I received some very critical letters, which were printed in this paper. Also published was an article written by an Orthodox rabbi friend from Eastern Queens who subsequently moved to Teaneck. He excoriated me for my intolerance towards immigrants and for my support of Trump, despite his total commitment to Israel.

Now we have the benefit of hindsight. My friend and countless Jews like him voted for Joe Biden. Well, my friends, are you happy now?

Let’s start with immigration. The southern borders are a total, lawless wreck.  A huge number of Muslim immigrants on the streets and on campus have been an anathema to Jews.

Political appointments. A true friend of Israel, David Friedman, was appointed US Ambassador to Israel by Trump. Now we have the pro-BDS pro-J Street and viciously hateful of settlements Thomas Nides, appointed by Biden. Karine Jean-Pierre is Biden’s new press secretary. She is notorious for her hatred of AIPAC and other Israel-related matters.

Afghanistan. It was likely the biggest military blunder in recent memory. Biden’s sudden withdrawal left our friends and citizens abandoned, plus precious military equipment in the hands of our enemies. It also left the Taliban free to abuse women and put them back into little boxes. Putin understood this very well before he decided to invade Ukraine. He never would have done so under Trump.

Israel. Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which was promised by countless presidents before him. Biden is looking to undo that and create a consulate to the Palestinians instead. Do you think it is for no reason that under Trump, Hamas was relatively quiet, but within a few months of Biden’s term they started a war with Israel? The same is with the terrible upswing in Palestinian terror. (Credit is due to the Biden administration’s Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council, Michelle Taylor, for joining 21 other major countries in condemning the United Nations Human Rights Council for considering a probe of Israel for alleged human rights violations.)

Iranian Nuclear Deal. Trump was wise enough to cancel this Obama-orchestrated deal and instead place hard sanctions on the Iranians. Biden, in his great wisdom, wants to renew it at the great peril of Israel.

Peace. Trump and his administration made one of the most sweeping and enduring peace deals in history. If not for the political corruption of the Nobel Prize Committee, Trump should have been a shoo-in to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. (Remember: Obama got one, for no reason at all.) Biden naively clings to the idea that appeasing the Palestinians will bring peace. It has been proven time and time again via Oslo I, II, and III – plus the Gush Katif disaster – that appeasement only backfires at the expense of thousands of Jewish lives.

Domestically. So how is Biden doing? The economy (40-year-high inflation)? Gas and food prices? Crime? Homelessness? Supply chain?  Baby formula? COVID response? Protecting and supporting Supreme Court justices, a true threat to Democracy?

While I voted for Trump and would again, I recognize his serious character flaws. Personally, I would like another Republican to run for president. However, I would like to offer anyone who voted for Biden to please write to this newspaper a list of all his accomplishments (not including domestic spending). I would love to see it – provided you do not blame everything on Trump or Putin.

Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld is the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, Vice President of the Coalition for Jewish Values, former President of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, and the Rabbinic Consultant for the Queens Jewish Link.