Ignore what the media is telling you, ignore the Democrat Party and donor class; Joe Biden - barring some medical emergency - will be the nominee in November against Donald Trump.  He has no desire to leave the race, all the money is behind him, all the primary votes are in his corner.  There is no methodology to forcibly remove him from the ticket.  He’s going to stay, so Democrats are going to double down on trying to elect him.

The Left have exposed themselves as complete liars in this election cycle.  The first and biggest lie, which has been happening for a decade, is that Trump is in any way comparable to Adolf Hitler.  The New Republic magazine actually features a picture of Trump with a Hitler mustache and hairstyle, in case saying it over and over again didn’t sink in for their dwindling readership.  The second lie, which has only been occurring for three years, is that Joe Biden is mentally and physically capable of being President. 

The second lie blew up in their faces during the debate, where the whole world had to stop pretending that Biden is not succumbing to dementia.  Those who consume conservative media have seen these clips for years, and even we were surprised that the pharmaceutical cocktail that is usually given to Biden during these televised events didn’t seem to work.  It became undeniable at that point, so many in the media pretended to be shocked that he was so feeble.  

Since no one can admit they lied about Biden’s crippling senility, the media and Democrats split into two camps.  The first camp called for Joe Biden to drop out of the race so the Democrats can put up someone stronger to beat Donald Trump.  The second camp was to ignore what happened at the debate because Donald Trump must be defeated.  These camps are both united in the first big lie of the election cycle; Trump is a Hitlerian figure that must lose, or “democracy will fall.”

“Democracy” is the Left’s stand-in word for “our regime.”  When they say “democracy is on the ballot” they means “our regime is on the ballot.”  When they say, “Trump is a threat to our democracy,” they mean, “Trump is a threat to our regime.”  When replacing their phraseology with what they really mean, the truth becomes much clearer.  So when they grasp onto Joe Biden, it’s not because they like Biden; it’s about keeping their death grip on their own power. 

The Left has bought into this lie so deeply that they are openly saying that they will vote for someone who is not sentient to be the President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces, who had access to the nuclear codes, to stop Donald Trump.  This was embodied by MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who said, “If it’s Biden in a coma, I’m voting for him. This is about keeping Hitler out the White House.”

Biden’s medical issues are worse than previously thought.  Reporting by the Daily Wire shows that corrections to official White House transcripts have doubled in the past year since Biden’ has become more impaired.  The New York Post is reporting that a Parkinson’s specialist from Walter Reed regularly appears on the White House visitor logs.  Axios reports that Biden is only mentally available between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  There are also reports of stage directions given to Biden, showing him pictures of where podiums are on stages so he knows how to get there.  Biden is not a functional person, let alone a functional president.  

Make no mistake: Biden can still win.  This is no longer a campaign about ideas and visions for the future of the country or the world.  The Democrats are now in pure “get out the vote” territory, which usually doesn’t happen until September.  This means that the Democrat machine will be ramping up in cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and any other big city in a swing state to gather votes from as many uninformed voters as possible.  They will go house to house, apartment to apartment, registering voters and gathering ballots.  Their message is “ignore the corpse, stop Hitler.”

This is the essential problem with our current system of elections.  It benefits any side that can gather more votes for those they are gathering from to be as ignorant as possible.  The more you look at Joe Biden, the more you don’t want to vote for him.  That’s how he got elected in 2020.  The problem they have is that Biden has been president, and every aspect of life in America has been markedly worse.  Wars have started and hundreds of thousands of people are dead because Biden won in 2020.  Despite this, the machine is in full gear, because “our democracy,” aka their regime, is on the line.  

Moshe Hill is a political analyst and columnist. His work can be found at www.aHillwithaView.com  and on X at @HillWithView.