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On Sunday morning, November 10, the fathers of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe’s seventh grade were invited to spend the morning bonding with their sons in Yeshiva. The morning began at 9:15 with a special seventh grade Shacharis minyan. After the minyan, the fathers and their sons had the opportunity to share breakfast together. Once everyone’s hunger was fully satisfied, the morning moved on to a special introduction to Bar Mitzvah for both fathers and sons. The seventh grade rebbeim invited the fathers to join their sons in class for a special father-son shiur.

Thursday, October 31, was the Yeshiva of Central Queens’ first Torah Bowl meet of the year. The meet was held at YCQ. The students from each of the participating yeshivos were asked hundreds of questions on the parshiyos of Vayikra and Tzav and their respective Rashis.

Four MTA Juniors, Aryeh Kolber, Yitzy Shaykevich, Jonathan Sherman, and Yeshurin Sorscher, had an unforgettable experience at the NCSY JUMP Create-A-Thon competition. Held on November 10-12 in Stamford, Connecticut, students from 14 high schools across the country learned the ins and outs of starting a non-profit organization and the effort required to run it. Representatives from each high school were tasked with creating their own non-profit and pitching it to a group of judges in order to get a grant to fund their project.

On Monday, November 11, Shevach High School introduced its yearly Mishmeres initiative with a “bang.” The school’s entire Multi-Purpose Room was transformed into an army base, reflecting this year’s theme of “Combat Your Speech.” Tanks, soldiers, and many other army-related items decked the walls of the MPR, including quotes such as “Our Speech is a Weapon” and “Surrender Your Negative Words.”