New York NCSY leadership visited MSH this week to run a pre-Pesach Yom Iyun. The day started with interesting and interactive break-out sessions with topics that included: Imagination – led by Rabbi Yossi Schwartz, Something to Say at the Seder: A tour through time and place – led by Rabbi Jacob Bernstein, The Timebreakers: running out of time – led by Rabbi Manu Hass, Free-conomics: Does it pay to be free? – led by Ziona Isaacs, and The fire you never saw, the root of redemption – led by Mrs. Leora Lesher. The students learned new insights into the chag, the Seder, and more.

After the sessions, the whole school joined together for a game of Passover Panapoly, giving over even more understanding of the holiday, judged by Rabbi Bernstein, Director of NCSY Summer Recruitment Elliot Tanzman, and Managing Director Rina Emerson. The day closed with a beautiful story given by Mashpia of OU-NCSY, Rav Judah Mischel.