Thursday, April 4, may have been an ordinary day for most people, but for the children at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, it was an extraordinary day. When the students of Shevach High School heard about an opportunity to run a carnival in the hospital in order to cheer up the children there, they immediately jumped at the opportunity. As with all chasadim conducted by the Shevach girls, this too promised to be greatly rewarding.

On the morning of April 4, 12 seniors and juniors came into school fully equipped with costumes and smiles. They were ready to spread joy and ensure a great time to children who, through no fault of their own, are denied the opportunity to go out often and have fun. After all the preparations were finished, including decorating the designated area, the carnival was ready to begin.

The excitement in the air was palpable as the young patients arrived. The children were able to enjoy an afternoon of crafts, games, and even get to meet some famous sports players who came to the event. It was not only the children who had a great day that Wednesday. The Shevach students who volunteered their time all felt that their day was just as incredible as that of the patients. In the words of Shevach senior Tova Friedman, “It wasn’t just a fun carnival; for us and the children it was very inspiring. We were able to interact with children who are going through challenges, surgeries, and illnesses, and yet let them be children! I loved having the opportunity to be the one who made a child smile, especially after sensing what they are going through, seeing the relief on their parents’ faces was truly special.”

Thank you to Hindy Ausfresser, Shani Bennett, Tova Friedman, Tova Halberstam, Hudi Kramer, Ettie Langer, Chavi Ribowsky, Bracha Rosenberg, Rochel Rosenshein, Simi Sauer, Hindy Steinberg, and Gitty Wurem for volunteering their time and energy to make such a worthwhile endeavor possible. Kudos to Mrs. Judy Freud from Chute Plus for organizing this wonderful chesed.