The first days back from the post-Sukkos break saw another action-packed week of learning and fun at Rambam Mesivta!

Early Morning Learning resumed with Rabbi Friedman, Rabbi Ziskind, Rabbi Rosensweig, and Rabbi Haar learning with the talmidim before shiur. The new LEGO Builders Club, under the leadership of Yosef Smith, Ariel Fried, and Siggy Orenbuch, shared some of their builds and are sponsoring an October Contest of the Month: “Futuristic Vehicle Build.”

Mr. Goldman met with the Classic Film Club on the topic of “Sound and Cinema,” with a behind-the-scenes look at the role sound plays in creating emotions and dramatic tension. Rambam Sports Talk Live also convened this week to talk the NBA Finals and NHL free agency. Reuban Azose, Sam Korman, Charlie Mann, and Judah Orlanski, the Co-Captains of the chat, are working on getting guests like last year’s powerhouse line-up of Tim Hardaway, Sr., Mike Lupica, Mike Eruzione, and more! Shlomo Braverman and Menachem Weiss led the charge with Videogame Chat, talking the latest in Minecraft and Smash Bros.

The new Create Your Own Comic Book Club, started by freshman David Miller, is well on its way to writing, illustrating, and producing their own comic. Masmidim Night and Lunch Learning all continued this week, thanks to the plug from Yoni Bench and the Mesivta News Network. Yechiel Amar, resident Rambam weatherman on the Mesivta News Network, used his screen-time to promote the 501 Book Challenge Chesed Initiative, which launched this week. The Mesivta News Network also introduced a new feature with a debate between Presidential surrogates Donny Guttman and Dani Jakubowitz. Ariel Schanke moderated the “civil” and lively debate.

The Contest of the Month Winner for the “Boardgame Recall” Challenge was declared: Sophomore Yosef Shedlo took home the plaque and glory, with Ariel Schanke winning the runner-up slot. This month’s Contest of the Month: “Eitan Markovitz Kahoot” – run by…Eitan Markovitz – saw a come-from-behind victory by junior Ilan Kinsberg, just edging out seniors Moshe Chernigoff (second place) and Ezra Klein (third place). Eitan will be back with more Kahoots next week and more Extracurriculars will be with us, too!