Late February’s lunch periods at Central were abuzz with activity. Students were making signs and designing games for Central’s annual Yachad Carnival, which took place on Tuesday, February 21.

This year’s Disney-themed carnival was held for the benefit of Ivdu Girls Elementary School. Many Central students visited Ivdu earlier in the month to run programs. The carnival was a fun event, where these students could meet up with their new friends from Ivdu again. “I’m so happy it all came together,” said senior Gabriella Schikman, one of this year’s Yachad Club coheads, along with seniors Gabi Lefkowitz and Sarah Weiss, as well as juniors Sari Beer and Simona Pitterman.

“All the participants had a great time, and it was so nice seeing all the smiles in the room during the carnival.” Booths included Pin the Tail on the Donkey, a station where kids could make princess bracelets, crowns, or Mickey Mouse ears, a blindfolded “Finding Nemo” station, a magic show with Minnie and Rapunzel, Seven Dwarves Bowling, and more traditional offerings, including face painting, coloring books, rock painting, car racing, and, of course, cotton candy. The Coke versus Pepsi booth generated quite the buzz, as well. Purim festivities at Central also include dress-up days, special programming, and much more, kicking off a spring semester that will only become more exciting with the arrival of Pesach.

Speaking of excitement, the Class of 2023 has officially begun its senior seminar programming. An eagerly anticipated tradition among Central seniors, this year’s program offers a few new improvements. While past seminars have begun after the Pesach break, lasting through the end of the semester, the 2023 seminar began at the beginning of the spring, with activities and seminars to be sprinkled throughout the last weeks of the school year. Sessions include life on campus, how to keep a kosher kitchen, sessions on mental health and women’s health, a visit to a mikvah, financial literacy, and child-rearing.

“I love senior seminar,” said senior Abby Abayev. “I am so happy that Central has incorporated real-world issues into our learning. The first event we had was about decision-making, and it was right before we had to make decisions for seminary. It was really useful.”

Senior Eliana Sacknovitz agreed: “I find senior seminar very interesting and useful for life outside of Central, as well as life in Central,” she said.

Another crucial new addition: The seminar will end with an internship period, giving almost-graduates an early taste of life on the job. Central students will explore a variety of career options, including medicine, teaching, and business.

“I’m working in a real estate office,” said senior Sophia Shaool, “and I am so excited to learn from professionals.”

The semester will, of course, end with the annual Senior Dinner, Senior Retreat at Camp Kaylie, and Senior Graduation.