The “New Year of the Trees” was celebrated in true SKA style on Monday, February 6, with a shiur, seder, plantings and food! Reflecting on the natural world and participating in environmental activities made Tu BiSh’vat at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls so meaningful.

“What do Trees Have to Do with Me?” was the topic of the well-attended shiur given by Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, SKA’s Principal, Judaic Studies. Connecting Tu BiSh’vat to our identity as Jews, Mrs. Kaminetsky explained that just as trees have their roots enabling them to grow, so do we as Jews have our roots in the Torah, empowering us to progress in our emunah.  As trees are resilient, so are we as we weather difficulty challenges with emunah in Hashem. Refreshing fruit sorbet rounded off the inspiring session.

The SKA students then joined Rabbi Shmuel Diamond in the auditorium for a detailed Seder in honor of Tu BiSh’vat. After Rabbi Diamond explained the symbolism of the fruits and nuts particular to this chag, the girls said the brachah on each item and enjoyed the Seder fare.

Dean of Students Shira Englander then led a hands-on planting activity with the girls followed by yummy yogurt fruit parfaits, after which Morah Rikki Fishbein held delicious cooking sessions relating to Tu BiSh’vat foods with aspiring chefs.

Tu BiSh’vat at SKA was a real spiritual connection to the environment.