In conjunction with the worldwide completion of Sefer B’reishis, the boys of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe’s Early Childhood program participated in an energizing siyum gathering this past Friday. The burgeoning bachurim arrived at Yeshiva clad in their majestic Shabbos clothes and proudly wore a distinctive crown that they designed in honor of the festivity.

Together with the boys, Morah Ahuva discussed the reason for the special siyum and mentioned that Sefer B’reishis is the first of the five sections in the Torah that we complete in our respective shuls on Shabbos Parshas VaY’chi. Through a fun and interactive parshah game, the boys grasped their vast accomplishments over the last number of months. The siyum was crowned by a delicious Shabbos party that united the early childhood division.